Storyboard Beach Resort Trail from Bloody Nose Ridge.

About Peleliu

Peleliu, a 15-square mile coral island, is about 30 nautical miles south of the main capital of Koror. The island boasts a lush tropical rain forest home to the largest bird population in Palau (Palau Conservation Society study, 2001). The island also consists of mangroves which are home to many salt water crocodiles and crabs. White sandy beaches surrounding the island, such as Honeymoon and Scarlet Beaches, are ideal for swimming, snorkeling and surfing. While many of Palau's world-class scuba diving spots are located only minutes from the island. The world famous Blue Corner and Blue Holes are merely 20 minutes away while Yellow Wall and Peleliu Express are just 5 minutes away—a huge advantage for divers as it takes about one to one and a half hours to get to these sites from Koror.

Map of Peleliu

Historically, Peleliu Island was the site of a fierce battle between Japanese and American military forces during World War II. Remnants of this battle may still be seen throughout the island. It is this important historical event that shaped the way the Republic of Palau is today and is another reason why many people visit Peleliu.